It's All About The Song

The focus of this project is to shine a light on the craft of writing songs and the people who choose songwriting as a way of life. There's a lot of attention devoted to the singer of the song in our culture which in my belief is a celebration of the messenger, rather than what matters more: the message itself.

Every two weeks we will talk with a great songwriter and try to coax them into sharing what wisdom they have earned in their years of chasing down songs. Songwriters, like most creative folks, lead interesting lives rich with stories that we hope to capture in this intimate setting. On the nuts and bolts side, we will talk about the creative process and techniques for better lyric writing and music composition, understanding song forms, demoing and even (gasp) pitching songs commercially.

How Many Ways Can the Same Song Be Sung?

This is one of the questions I wanted to explore when I started this project at the end of last year.  Having the opportunity to sit down and talk with so many amazing songwriters, I could not resist the temptation to put them on the spot and ask them to do what they do without a net.  I did not ask everyone, and some who were asked politely declined.  For the brave few who were willing, I put lyrics in front of them that they had never seen before -- lyrics that had never made their way into a song before, and asked them to improvise a melody and arrangement on the spot.

The results were truly inspiring.  Every single artist took the lyric and made them his own, singing them in the style and spirit that fuels their own diverse writing comfort-zones.  For episode thirteen of Take Me to the Bridge, I am going to present all of these performances so you can be as blown away as I was. You can look forward to hearing the following artists' versions of my "Take Me to the Bridge" lyric:

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October 22, 2010
Highs and Lows with Shawn Mullins: Featured songwriter
Shawn Mullins wants to light you up. In this interview he talks about his early influences and his writing process.

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