Episode: 17

Colin Hay: Not a Hero, Just a Working Man

Colin Hay: Not a Hero, Just a Working Man: Featured songwriter
Colin Hay is best known as the former frontman and principle songwriter for the hugely popular Australian group Men at Work in the 1980s, but in the almost three decades since, he has continued to write sturdy, striking and often beautiful songs.

Colin, in addition to being a gifted singer and songwriter is a wickedly funny man and puts on an amazing show which is one part Men at Work material, one part Colin Hay material and two parts monologue. From anecdotes chronicling his childhood in Scotland, to his experience of living in California and touring with Ringo Starr, he effortlessly takes an audience in with his self-effacing nature and razor sharp wit.

Take Me to the Bridge host, Ben Wakeman spoke with Colin when he came through Atlanta in support of his most recent CD release: American Sunshine. In this interview Colin talks about what inspires his writing these days, about his early success with Men at Work and the challenges he faces with the music industry as he tries to get his new music out into the world.

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