Below is a list of web sites and other resources related to songwriting and the music business.  If there is a resource that you think should be listed here, please let me know.

Songwriting Business
An American performing rights organization that represents more than 300,000 songwriters, composers and music publishers in all genres of music.
ASCAP is a membership association of more than 260,000 U.S. composers, songwriters, lyricists, and music publishers of every kind of music. Through agreements with affiliated international societies, ASCAP also represents hundreds of thousands of music creators worldwide.
The world's leading Independent Artist & Repertoire Company. Since 1992, TAXI has specialized in giving artists, bands, and songwriters real access to the people in the music business who have the power to sign deals.
CD Baby
This web site is the best possible choice for artists releasing independent CDs. You will not find a better deal or better folks to work with.
Blue Ruby Music
The web site for Eric Taylor's independent record label where you can purchase his CDs and keep up with his current touring schedule.
Eric's Notes from the Road
Guy Clark's Web Site
Songwriting Craft
Nashville Songwriter's Association International (NASI)
NSAI is a not-for-profit organization, formed in the 60's and dedicated to protecting the rights of songeriters as well as furthering the songwriting craft. NSAI have an extensive legislative agenda is constantly trying to strengthen the laws that protect the rights of somgwriters.
Songwriting Competitions
Song Fight!
This is a funny concept, but it intrigues me. A title is posted and songwriters all over the world battle it out to see who can write the best song. The songs are voted on by the public. This might be a great tool if you have trouble getting motivated without a threat.
The Billboard Songwriting Contest
$30 to enter a song. All songs entered receive a judge report, or critique. Deadline is in November
The Kerrville NewFolk
This competition is a right of passage and the keys to the kingdom for folky writers. Past winners include Ellis Paul, John Gorka, David Wilcox and Lyle Lovette. Deadline is middle of March.
The John Lennon Songwriting Contest
One entry will be named "Song of the Year" and that winner will receive an additional $20,000 in cash courtesy of Maxell. Overall, 120 winners will split over $200,000 in cash and prizes. Dealine for entry is in August.
Songwriter Friendly Venues
Eddie's Attic
Legendary Atlanta club that has helped launch many amazing careers including John Mayer, Shawn Mullins, Sugarland and many more.
The Bluebird Cafe
Every songwriter worth the title has to pay her dues by playing at least one show at the Bluebird. This is not an easy gig to get, but if you land it, you will be guaranteed a listening audience.
Club Passim
For more than 40 years in the heart of Harvard Square, the Passim Center has been a cornerstone of the arts community of New England, fostering both performers and audiences alike.
The Ark
Another legendary folk music venue that's been around since the 60's. In Ann Arbor Michigan, The Ark is a favorite stop for many touring songwriter's
Artist's Web Sites